Commuter stress? Low energy?

It might not just be your job! Your diet can play a major role in how you feel and cope with stress. A few simple changes can make a big difference and give you your energy back. Try a DIETARY REVIEW! Penny has worked with commuters and busy professionals to help them cope with the daily grind.

My nutrition consultation with Penny has given me easy ways to improve my diet. I feel more energised, less impatient and I’ve even lost a bit of weight!
Chris, Hove.

£25 for a 30 minute dietary review
Review of a 3 day food diary with food advice and simple dietary changes given in the form of meal plans and handouts

£65 for a full nutrition consultation
Full symptom and case history review, 75 minutes. Protocol given to help problems such as stress, fatigue, back pain, allergies or digestive complaints.

Please contact Penny for more information or to make an appointment.

Flat Tummy Offer!

Ever wondered why you may eat healthily and exercise regularly but not be able to get rid of that little pot belly? Or perhaps you’d like some weight loss advice with the focus being on losing your tum?

Nutritional Therapist and Pilates Instructor Penny Little can teach you the right exercise techniques combined with the right diet, to eliminate bloating & fat around the middle and tone the abs.

What you get…..

3 x private Pilates sessions with Penny worth £45 each, plus exercise sheets to practice at home

2 x nutrition consultations worth £130*

Total price £265, offer price £210

*based on 1x75min consult and 1x45min follow-up consult over a 2 month period. If there is a digestive condition causing bloating then supplements or tests may be advised and these would be at an extra cost. Responsibility is on the client to adhere to the diet and practice given exercises regularly.

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