Healthy foodOnce we have established that Nutritional Therapy is right for you, you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire and food diary. These will check your past medical history, current health problems and your usual diet.


Initial Consultation

The first consultation lasts one and a quarter hours, during which a full case history is taken and your food diary is gone through. Initial recommendations will be given, which usually entail dietary changes but may sometimes include nutritional supplements if it is felt these would be beneficial.

Follow-up consultations last 50 minutes, at which your progress and symptom changes are checked and further dietary advice and/or supplements given. If testing is recommended this will be fully discussed with you during the consultation. Click here to hear Penny talk about how consultations work.

If you have a consultation booked with Penny you may download the questionnaire (7 pages) and food diary (2 pages) below.

Nutritional Therapy can help many conditions, such as stress, low energy, hormonal imbalances such as PMS / menopause, IBS and other digestive issues, arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis. For a full list of conditions that can help helped see benefits.

Click here to download a questionnaire
Click here to download a food diary

“Your clear approach, good information and non-judgmental attitude have opened something up for me about eating again that I had lost touch with. The logic of blood sugar balancing is something so reasonable and I have felt able, since talking to you, to see really clearly what I had been doing and how to put things back on track. I look forward to seeing how my energy levels improve and to approaching the marathon in the best shape I can be.”
S.D., Brighton.


Nutritional Therapy
Initial consultation – 1 hr 15 mins – £80     Core Pilates clients – £70
Follow up – 50 mins – £70    Core Pilates clients – £60

Initial consultation – 1 hr – £65
Follow up – 45 mins – £55

Appointments: Core Pilates & Nutrition Studio, Boyne Mead Road, Kings Worthy
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10am – 3pm, Tuesday 1.30pm – 8pm

Payment: card, cash or bank transfer
Cancellations: full fee will have to be charged with less than 24hrs’ notice.