Skype and Zoom Consultations

Please get in touch if you would like nutritional advice as this can still be done over Skype or Zoom. I will send out the necessary forms and questionnaires to fill in and we can go through these together in order to build a picture of the changes that would help you to achieve your health goals. If you are recovering from the virus nutritional therapy can help to build back up your strength and immune system.

Skype Consultations

If you are worried about the Corona virus and would like nutritional advice but without a face-to-face consultation, please ask about Skype consultations.

Gift Vouchers available

If you would like to give someone the gift of a private nutrition consultation please email or phone Penny for more details.

Back pain? Joint pain? Sore muscles?

Nutritional Therapy is a safe, effective alternative to taking painkillers long term.
Specific foods and nutrients have an anti-inflammatory and pain killing effect. Adjusting your diet and taking the right supplements may help to manage pain and inflammation and reduce the need for painkillers, many of which cause side effects such as skin rashes, kidney damage and inflammation to the gut.
Did you know?…..
Some painkillers can accelerate the damage to joints in people with arthritis. Certain nutritional supplements have been shown to be as good as common painkillers, without the side effects.

Food Intolerance?

Digestive symptoms, skin problems, low energy, joint pain …… can all be the result of food intolerance.
Testing for food intolerance or allergy is available through Core Nutrition. An initial consultation will be conducted to check symptoms and advise upon the correct test. At the follow-up consultation results will be given along with a protocol for dietary changes and supplementation.
Testing also available for:
- hormone imbalances
- low thyroid
- candida / intestinal parasites
- cardiovascular profile
- adrenal stress